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Talenthouse is a global creative community that gives creatives an opportunity to participate in live briefs from top companies, brands and artists.

These are my entries for some of their creative invites to date.

Kylie Minogue Tour T-Shirt: For this design, I wanted to capture the colours, shapes and feel of the costumes and set design from the tour.

This T-Shirt design could easily be customized with studs or maybe slashed around the neckline to give it an extra edge to make it stand out from the usual tour t-shirts.


Queen Tour T-Shirt design: My entry was inspired by the recent exhibition-”Stormtroopers in Stillettos” at the Truman Brewery in London’s East End. I liked how they used the colors black, pink and white to create a cool but camp feel and wanted to include this within my design. I chose some memorable images including Bohemian Rhapsody, Freddie Mercury singing, the crown and guitars and LP’s/ CDs to reflect how they have moved with the times.

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